Northern Alberta News

Grandmother Regional Liaison September 2015

Here are some updates from the Stephen Lewis Foundation and what is happening in our Northern Alberta region.


The Harambee Grandmas in Lethbridge, hosts of this year’s gathering, are excited that Yasmin Mussa is coming from the SLF office with two women from the Botswana Retired Nurses (BORNUS) Project – Annette Dube, a grandmother who is one of the founding members of the support group, and Lesego Mabona who is a Project Manager.  What a wonderful opportunity to hear directly from women in a grass roots community based organization supported (in a small way) by our efforts.

INFORMATION from YASMIN, our SLF Campaign Officer

  • Updated Alberta Fund Raising Licence, 2015-16

Do you have a copy of the Alberta Fund Raising Licence ready to be displayed at your group’s next fund raising events?

Trust you all received the recent email from Yasmin with the updated information related to that licence.  If you have any questions I know you will contact Yasmin ( or me.


  • Group Contact  Name & Membership  List

Fall is often when memberships in our groups are renewed. If that is a process your group follows, would you please send that updated list to Yasmin. (yes, membership is often fluid with members joining throughout the year. ) The Granny Bulletin is emailed to all members from the SLF – and it would be a pity for new members to be missed. A fall edition of Granny Bulletin will be sent soon.

Also if your group contact person/chair changes, please let Yasmin and I know. Thanks to those who sent changes when they occur.

  • GRANDMOTHERS: Africa’s Unsung Heroes

I know some of you have your copies of Grandmothers: Africa’s Unsung Heroes.   The back cover reads in part ….“ Facilitated by grassroots organizations in East and South Africa, 30 grandmothers, through personal letters, tell a story of sisterhood across the continent. They share their history, culture, inner strength and courage ….’African’s Unsung Heroes’ holds a timeless message for the advancement of social change and development.”

If your group haven’t placed an order yet, Yasmin would love to hear from you. This book is timeless (unlike the calendars that were available last year) and a valuable way to share the African Grandmothers’ stories.  (I would suggest they would make great Christmas gifts … but let’s not think about snow /cold yet.)



2016 is the 10th anniversary of the G2 G campaign within the SLF. As we continue with our busy fall schedules, let’s pause for a few minutes to brainstorm small and “not so small” ways that each of our groups could mark/celebrate this milestone? Perhaps there is something we could do collectively? Your thoughts!



  • Rayanna’s Hope for Africa (Stony Plain) – Very Berry Dessert & Fashion Show – Aug. 15 (yes it has happened!)

The 2 annual Rayanna’s Hope for Africa Very Berry Dessert and Fashion Show was another successful event. The many guests sipped ice tea and feasted on delicious home-made cake topped with heaps of berries! Their guest models, all part of the Stony Plain community, had come originally from the African continent.  Yes the room was a sea of vibrant colour as the women with their children (and one brave man) walked to the beat of African drumming wearing their traditional African outfits. And there were door prizes galore.

Happening soon:

  • Uganda National Grandmothers Convening – Oct 1-11, 2015

Just weeks until 22 Canadian Grandmothers and 2 from Great Britain are off to Entebbe Uganda for this 1st national gathering of grandmothers.  As I have shared, Louise Breadner from Ugamaa Grandmothers in Calgary, Fran Reed from Camrose’s Grateful Grannies and I are so fortunate to be participating in this experience. We hope your groups (perhaps others in your community as well) will find a space in your calendars to have us share our experience when we return.


  • Power of Words Scrabble Benefit – Sat. Oct. 17, 2015

To enjoy an afternoon of Scrabble (as well as a delicious lunch and fall craft sale) with the GANG in Edmonton, contact Louise at

  • Eastside Grannies of Sherwood Park are holding A Scrabble Benefit – Sun. Oct. 18, 2015. Another opportunity to demonstrate your skill with words, join the Eastside Grannies at Heritage Manor (Crystal Manor) in Sherwood Park.  Contact Carol at 780-464-4195 or Rose at 780-4671209 for details.
  • African Grandmothers Tribunal showing with Pop Corn

Laughin’ Grannies in Beaver County are planning to spend an evening together viewing the African Grandmother Tribunal DVD. Each member is encouraged to bring “interested” friends with her. And yes ..i am told there might be lots of popcorn.

  • ASK HER TALKS – Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, Nov. 23, 2015

Alexis MacDonald from SLF recently confirmed that the 2nd series of ASK HER Talks will be held in Edmonton on Monday Nov. 23  at 7:00 p.m. (Royal Alberta Museum Auditorium), Wed. Nov. 25 in Winnipeg and Dec. 1 in Toronto for World Aids Day. The speaking team will consist of 2 women from Kenya, 1 each from South Africa, Zimbabwe; MC will be Jackie Richardson, a well know entertainer from Toronto: a spoken word poet will be part of the program also. Tickets are only $20.00 each.

On Tues. Nov. 24, the GANG will host a luncheon for these visitors as well as all of you -grandmothers from ALL Northern Alberta groups prior to the visitors with SLF staff flying to Wpg.

SLF and GANG hope you will plan to attend both the ASK HER TALKS with reception following as well as the informal luncheon the next day.  Watch for information in the next Granny Bulletin as details unfold.  Promise I’ll keep you posted as well.


I know that many of you are planning /preparing for your yearly activities/events … Would love to hear what your groups have planned and with your permission share with others. Thanks.

Till later… Warmly

Judy Dube

Northern Alberta Regional Liaison, SLF