Scrabble Fundraiser 2016: The Power of Words

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The 8th annual Scrabble Benefit held at Jasper Place High School on Friday, October 14 was a great success in spite of last minute jitters. Yes, we filled the seats with 68 people playing at 17 tables, grandmothers and students playing together and against each other.  Our indomitable GANG members braved the snow storm warnings (one even arriving on crutches!] and showed up to challenge students who were excited to be hosting grandmothers to play “old school” style Scrabble with no Google searches or spell check!

The Raging Grannies opened the game with several songs; players nibbled on cookies, coffee and juice provided by the Foods Dept. at the school; all 6 red balloons were handed out to players getting Bingos, a word of 50 or more points; students were happy to win door prizes of cookies or caramel popcorn; and the winning high score, a Scrabble blanket and high table score, 4 granny packed goody bags, were won by guests brought to the game by Donna Simpson.Visiting students from Finland, who have been at the school for a week, participated saying they had never played Scrabble in English before and said they had never seen such an intergenerational activity in their schools.

Thanks to all GANG members who supported this event by collecting pledges, working to set up and take down, who did some advance presentations, who baked goods or made things for prizes or goody bags; who braved the road conditions and weather to come to the school  and to those who played Scrabble with  the students.  We met most of our goals… refreshing this event, re-energizing it with youthful participation; challenging a new venue and date and working with educators who were keen to support us. And we still collected more than $19,000 with some pledges still to come in. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! But my most satisfactory moment was when a young lady came up to me and said, “ you all do such fabulous work! May I give you a hug??” and she did!

Submitted by Grace Hamilton

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Categories: News | Tags: | Posted on October 22, 2016

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