Thanks for your support of Fabulous Fabric Frenzy 2017

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And what a Fabulous Fabric Frenzy it was!  We are so pleased to report that sale proceeds for this event held last Saturday totaled

$27,793.00. which is $5,000. more than we made last year.  Our proceeds for admission this year were $960.00 compared to $520.00 last year.  Each year just keeps getting better!

This event could not have been the success it was without the donations of fabric, yarn, wool and notions received from our many donors.  We required numerous hours of time donated by our many volunteers, both GANG members and “friends” of GANG, over the past four months to process the sometimes mountains of inventory.  Then there were all the hands that volunteered to help set up for the sale on Thursday and Friday and of course the 60 some volunteers that worked on the day of the sale itself.   For all the time and effort you have given, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  And even all this would not have been enough if it weren’t for the many loyal customers that keep coming back each year and bringing their friends.  This year many customers waited outside in the cold rain for over an hour and we didn’t hear one complaint!  Thank you to all who participated in making this sale the success it was, and last but not least, a special Thanks to Sally Floden who was at the helm throughout it all.  We will have some large shoes to fill as we take over from her for the Fabulous Fabric Frenzy 2018.

From  Janice Edgington and Ev Carter

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Categories: News | Tags: | Posted on April 24, 2017

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