The GANG’s Fabulous Fabric Frenzy 2017

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Categories: News | Tags: | Posted on January 2, 2017


  1. by Rachelle Gietz

    On April 3, 2017

    I am inquiring about the type of fabrics you will accept: dress making fabrics polyester and heaver blends of wool ? Are there limits on the smallest size of fabric that can be donated or that is desired.
    Will you offer 100% cotton fabrics for quilting ?

    Resident of Parkland County,

  2. by Kate G

    On April 8, 2017

    Hello, Rachelle.
    I’m a Grannie.
    I just happen to have logged on to check a date and notice your enquiry.
    It is hard to tell whether anyone has responded to you, if they have my apologies for duplication.
    We will accept all unused, clean fabric, notions, yarn of all types.
    We measure and sort into the usual cottons, poly, ‘better fabrics( i.e. Wool, silk, fleece, crafts, drapery……
    We accept at Strathearn church this week on Tues and Thurs from 10-2 .
    We can make arrangements to pick up donations when a donor cannot deliver.
    Does this help?
    Sincerely and thank you for your interest in such a good cause, – working for the grandmothers looking after children orphaned by the Aids/HIV epidemic in Africa.
    Kate G

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