3 thoughts on “Alberta Grandmother Gathering 2015 Registration Form”

  1. Hi, I would like to join the Edmonton Grandmothers group. Please let me know how to do this, and where they have local meetings. Also, I am a lifetime quilter – do you do any projects where women sew quilts or parts of them together?

    Please let me know. Thanks, Jan

    1. Hi Jan, thanks for your interest in The GANG. There is a membership form on our website, the annual fee is $20. We conduct our business through the Education and Fundraising committees, as well as the Board. If you are interested in crafts, the Fundraising committee might be of interest to you. At this time, we don’t make quilts but there are crafters who make quilted placemats, table runners and wall hangings.

      The chair of the Fundraising committee is Phyllis Molyneux, her email is phyllismolyneux@gmail.com. Let me know if you’d like me to share your contact info with Phyllis and she will make sure you are invited to the fundraising meetings.

      any other questions, you can contact me at candicejcksn231@gmail.com

      Candice Jackson, Membership Coordinator

  2. Hi, I’d be interested in donating a patchwork quilt I made recently, for a GANG fundraiser. It’s made of reproduction 1800s fabrics, many in the French style. I could send a photo if there are any events where it could be used as a fundraiser.


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