Knit a square!

Here are the directions for knitting squares.

  1. Each square must be 8 inches. Yarn must be washable. Polyester or Acrylic please.
  2. 36-40 stitches on #4 mm. needles works well. The amount of stitches will depend on your wool and
    tension, you might need to knit a few rows to obtain the right count. Some like to make an 8 inch
    cardboard square as their guide.
  3. Cast on and off loosely.
  4. Slipping the first stitch will give you a nice clean edge.
  5. Garter stitch is the easiest to work with ( knit every row) but other patterns are fine as long as you
    can maintain the 8 inch rule.( some prefer seed stitch or basket weave).
  6. We have a good supply of wool- we can deliver to you after Easter or you can pick it up from the
    “yarn depot” (email Lauretta, for directions) or if you are using your
    own wool, that’s great (any colour or colour blend is acceptable) and any weight is also acceptable (just
    keep that 8 inch rule in mind!). Remember, the lighter weight yarns will require more stitches and
    more knitting, so worsted weight works the best.
  7. If you run out of yarn before you have reached 8 inches you can just add another colour of yarn and
    continue knitting – just make sure the yarns are the same weight!
  8. Please finish off your square – no loose ends – thank you!
  9. The more squares the better! Ask knitting friends if they would like to contribute to this very fun
    project. Non GANG members are welcome to knit squares for us!!
    Questions?- email or

Update April 26: We now have 416 squares!!! Enough for 9 blankets…yippee!!!  Thanks to all those who are knitting away.  If you want to join this project please email Lauretta or June for further information. 

Update May 3: We now have 575 squares – we are doing great! – and we are having fun!  If you want to join this project please email Lauretta or June (email addresses above). 

Update May 10: The marvelous knitters have produced 728 squares thus far!!!  Way to go ladies!!!  As always, contact Lauretta or June for more info on how you can help! 

Update May 17: Knitters are on a roll!!!

We now have more than 904 squares for our blanket project – wowzers!!!!    Now we need help putting the blankets together.  We have some great gals working on them already but we really need a few more hands on deck. If you would care to  help us out please, please give me a call – I will make you cookies! –  Lauretta – 780-466-9510 or by email  We are SO excited to be able to show you our amazing finished products when all the blankets are stitched together!