Policies and Procedures for Crafts

Policies and Procedures for the Creation and Marketing of Craft Items

Creation of Items:

  1. A steering committee will facilitate the production and sale of craft items.
  • One person on this committee is designated to take in all monies from the sale of crafts, and keep a running account of all such sales.
  1. A biannual meeting will be held for crafters and any others with ideas for craft production, to share resources, and to discuss and make decisions regarding such things as:
  • Items to be made during the year. (A factor in considering these will be marketability and cost recovery.)
  • A suitable price for these items. (What will it cost to produce a given item versus its selling cost.)
  • The acceptable quality of work.
  1. Anyone unable to attend these meetings may arrange to speak to a member of the steering committee at any time.

Sale of Items:

  1. Craft sale events will be organized and announced on a quarterly basis to allow committee members to make efficient use of their time and resources.
  2. At the beginning of a sale month, anyone with items to sell will contact an identified member of the steering committee to arrange for pick up of finished products.
  • In the interest of uniformity, all crafters will be provided with tags for their work.
  • Items should be priced and ready for sale at the time of pick-up.
  1. Items will not be accepted for sale the day of a sale event.
  2. Any items left unsold at the end of the selling year, (December) will be returned to their originators, or donated to appropriate charities.

April, 2015