15th Anniversary Blankets!!!


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In honour of the Grandmothers to Grandmothers 15th Anniversary celebration, Edmonton GANG members got busy knitting squares to make blankets…over 1050 squares in all!!  They made cozy blankets from some of these squares and donated 15 of them to a local women’s shelter.  The remaining squares were made into 4 blankets and one member crocheted a blanket for sale in this online market.  In addition to these larger blankets, remaining squares were made into 4 laps blankets, which are also in the online store for customers to purchase.  We hope you’ll appreciate the love and care that went into their creation.

A perfect solution to those chilly nights!

Each blanket has 48  knit or crocheted squares of yarn  arranged in a mix of beautiful colours.

The blankets are approximately  48”x64″. 

Wash and dry –  lukewarm water, low temperature. 

See individual items for colour variations…5 one-of-a kind blankets!



Blanket A, Blanket B, Blanket C, Blanket D, Blanket E


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