Must-have aprons (adult and child sizes)



Beautiful, strong and serviceable, these aprons are a must-have for cooking or hobbies. 

All hand-sewn by Agnes, Cindy or Kathy B.


Berries and Plums (adult), Berries and Plums (child age 6-11), Blissful Baking mauve straps, Blissful Baking white straps, Cars, Bears and Trees (child age 3-5), Chef's Helper red straps, Chef's Helper White Straps, Dark Green (ages 6-11), Denim Blue and White Striped (adult), Horizontal Pocket Green and White Stripes (ages 6-11), Red and White Striped (adult), Red Cardinals and Bunnies (child age 7-11), Summer Flowers (adult), Summer Flowers (child age 6-11), Vertical Pocket Green and White Stripes (ages 6-11), Zazzle apron


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