Original art by Mary


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These original pieces are created by Mary, one of our Grandmother members, and are a joy to keep or give to someone special.


Blossoms, Cat and Kitten, Cityscape, Colorful Mandalas, Fantasy 1, Fantasy 2, Haida Gwaii 1, Haida Gwaii 2, Haida Gwaii Islands, Kitten, Magic Tree, Mountain Vista, My Friends, Ocean View, Our Town, Vases with Flowers, Yellow Burst, Yin and Yang


  1. Sharon

    These items are lovely 😊 – are they paintings or stitched work? What size are they?

  2. Karen Pedersen-Bayus

    My question as well. I love the art. Size? Cost? Medium? Thanks

  3. Candice Jackson

    The paintings are done in Pointillism style. Mary creates the images with tiny dots, all done by hand. If you click on the image of one of her works, the size is listed in the description, as well as the medium.

  4. Candice Jackson

    Note to my previous response: you must click on “choose an option” to select the different artworks.

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