Have you looked in Grandmother’s Cupboard?

March, 2019 marks the two year anniversary of Grandmother’s Cupboard, a co-operative venture between GANG and the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. During that time we have found new homes for a range of well loved family treasures: a child’s sled. A foot stool covered in needle point. A hand carved wooden troll from Norway. Tea sets and tea wagons. An RCA radio in a walnut case. Embroidered linens from Hungary. Depression glass. Wedge wood. Lustre ware. We’ve sold scarves, costume jewelry, leather gloves, pearl buttons, wooden spools. Even a box of nylon stockings with seams.

We’ve relied heavily on Betty Reitan, owner of the Mall and herself a GANG member, as well as those on her staff as we’ve learned how to select, price and display these items, each of which has a story of its own. We may never know what that story is: who bought the stockings and saved them to wear for a special occasion that never came. What programs the owners of the radio listened to as they gathered around it with their family. The name of the child who raced down snowy winter hills on her sled. Their mystery is part of the attraction of the items we sell.

We have also relied on the generosity of our members in donating items or referring us to possible donors. Many thanks to them. If you have something you think would fit our eclectic collection, please contact Colleen Kennedy, colkennedy@shaw.ca or Dianne Linden, diannemlinden@gmail.com. In the meantime we invite you to drop by the Mall, 10323 78 Avenue in Edmonton and view our current collection. There may be something there for you.

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