New Videos: The ASK HER Talks

The Stephen Lewis Foundation is delighted to share new videos from the second installment of the Ask Her Talks speaker series that recently took place in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto.  The grandmothers and grandothers who attended the Talks in each city were keen that we share them with you as soon as possible! The African women who spoke at the Ask Her Talks come directly from grassroots organizations in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.  They are frontline workers, organizers and activists who are seized with the challenges of AIDS in the lives of their communities, day in and day out. In their Talks, each woman addresses the herculean efforts being made at community-level by tenacious grassroots organizations to hold governments accountable to those struggling with the virus, and to rebuild families and communities. From beginning to end, the insights, humour, chagrin, and tough analyses of the African women who spoke at the Ask Her Talks challenges us all to think differently about philanthropy, change, and power. Please enjoy the videos of the Ask Her Talks here  and share them widely!

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