Ongoing donations for Fabric Frenzy

We appreciate all of the donations we receive that allow us to host a successful Fabric Frenzy each year. If you would like to donate in the spring and summer, please contact Phyllis, 780-469-6327, Ev, 780-434-0825, or Elna, 780-435-5488. For St. Albert donations, contact Kate, 780-902-1894. For Sherwood Park donations contact Candice, 780-416-8208.

1 thought on “Ongoing donations for Fabric Frenzy”

  1. Hi there, I have 7 boxes of material that I would like to donate. I am located on the. north end of the city. Couple of questions, do you still want donations. If so, where can I drop off this fabric. My mom had a stroke and was an avid sewer and of course buyer of fabric. Lots of fabric was bought and never even used.

    Please let me know either way of if your organization would like this or not, I would like to donate this.

    Regards. Gale

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