Stephen Lewis

Dear Grandmothers and Grandothers,

I have some difficult news to share with you as valued members of the SLF family. Below you will find a letter from Stephen about his health that he has asked us to share. We know that you send Stephen your best wishes. He is in good spirits and continues to work as his energy allows.
Warm regards,
Meg French
Executive Director
A personal note:
I have unhappy news. The cancer that I managed to defeat back in 2018 has returned. It is considered inoperable. I have entered what is termed a ‘research project’ testing a new drug. The trial hopes to show that the growth of the cancer can be slowed or stabilized.
I’m extremely fortunate to be in the hands of the Princess Margaret Hospital oncologist who specializes in my particular kind of cancer. The entire medical team is enormously impressive, empathetic and reassuring.
I’m not kidding myself about the struggle that lies ahead, but I’m somehow not downcast. In fact, at this stage, apart from some abdominal pain, I’m feeling reasonably well, happy to continue working, and ready, as ever, to fight the good fight.
I know that family and friends will be by my side, physically or spiritually, as circumstance provides. I want, in advance, to express my thanks for the undoubted solidarity and support.
I’ve loved the international work I’ve been fortunate enough to do, with cherished colleagues, over the last many years. For as long as I am able, with all the energy at my command, I shall continue pursuing that work.
         Stephen Lewis

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  1. Greetings to you Steven,
    I am so glad I met you in Toronto, 2006 when you told everyone about the great need of African Grandmothers, and we began to form the Grandmothers groups, in Edmonton and then around Canada. My friend, Rozalyn Shepherd was with me and your great enthusiasm inspired us to establish the Edmonton group, the GANG…. Grandmothers for A New Generation.
    We have both been supporting the GANG ever since.
    I an now a grandmother, great grandmother, and also a great great grandmother.
    Thank you for coming to Edmonton several times during your very productive career

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